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Best car speakers for bass

Best car speakers for bass

Most of the youngsters like to hear the music when they are traveling in a car for long-distance with high volume. But unfortunately most of the cars coming with small speakers that indicate they cannot reproduce high bass so that you cannot experience loud music while traveling. If it is a sad thing for you then you can go for the option of purchasing the door speakers with good bass that can increase the volume of your music.

But the people are unaware of the best door speakers and some get confused about what to choose when they are looking for car speakers with loud bassFor those people here are some of the best door speakers are mentioned which volume up your music can experience.

Pioneer TS

It is one of the very best car audio equipment producing company and other best things about these speakers is they are best in sonic performance also coming with very good design. This 6.5-inch speaker can handle up to 160w with the maximum RMS rating of 60w so with this capacity they volume up the music system and make you enjoy your driving. These speakers can handle a frequency between 30Hz up to 40 kHz so you will have good bass response too.


Rockford Fosgate

This is a speaker that comes on the affordable range but ensures the best quality sound experiences. The speaker is 6.5 inch and their woofer is surrounded by the plastic so that you can have good bass experience while playing the music. They can support the bass frequency of up to 20 kHz and protect the speaker from getting damaged it has surrounded the grill of metal that ensures the safety of your speakers.

Pyle car speakers

They are another brilliant choice of inexpensive speakers and it is a three-way speaker so the sound delivery will also excellent. They can reproduce the sound up to 30w and as the peak of output power up to 60w. This car speaker package will come with all the requirements like the cables and hardware that is required for installing them in your vehicle. The speaker is surrounded by the rubber that is protect them from getting damaged and this manufacturer also gives you the warranty for one year. 



Final words

In the market, you can find several car door speakers for bass based on your needs but each one will have their unique features, so to pick the right one get knowledge on them.