Is it advisable to swim with AirPods?

Is it advisable to swim with AirPods?

Swimming will give you good comfort moreover when you swim along with the music this will give you a different effect. If you are not in a good mood or you wanted to hear songs during the time of swimming then you can make use of the AirPods which can be connected easily with your device. Even if your mobile is a waterproof you cannot carry them in your hand along with you when you are swimming in that case these airpods will be helpful for you in many ways. When you swim in the pool with AirPods you cannot hear the external sounds that you feel are unwanted.

How to connect them?

There are some of the steps involved in connecting them.

The first step that you will have to do is you should on the AirPod and connect your device with the AirPod. This connection is possible by the blue tooth device you can on the AirPod and you will have to turn the blue tooth settings on your mobile. Your mobile will get connected to the AirPod.

The next step is you will have to fix the AirPod to your ears and then you can play the song you wish to hear on the mobile. You can just set them in a shuffled manner and also continues this will be like you need not click the next song in your mobile instead they will get to the next song automatically.

When you feel enough with the music then you will have to turn them off. This is the final stage which has to be done.


There will be many things built inside the AirPod. Among them, there is one particular thing called the microphone in which the microphone will trap all the external unwanted sounds and they will help you to hear only the song. These AirPod will give you a speaker and a theatre feel when you attach them to your ears.


When you are swimming with AirPods you will never feel that you are alone. The main thing that you have to consider is when you are in the installation process. You have to know which one to select.

Bottom line

From the above explain points you would have come to know about how to make use of them and in what ways will it be suitable for you.